Veterinary clinic Guta with surgery, veterinary pharmacy and grooming with pet store  was founded in February 2005, with the main goal of pet prevetive and therapy medicine.

We are located in Belgrade, on Senjak, the municipality of Savski Venac and to us gravitate, Banjica, Vracar and Čukarica – Banovo Brdo, Košutnjak and Čukarička padina. We have an equipped hall for surgery, laboratory, ultrasound, we do randgen diagnostics and issue certificates for hip and elbows dysplasion. It is easy to reach us as we are located near the Mostar loop, newly built Belgrade Waterfront  and we have secured parking in the vicinity of our veterinary office. Within the ambulance we have a veterinary pharmacy with a pet store  where for our patients you can buy veterinary medications, veterinary food,ordinary food, equipment and everything you need for your pet.


Our veterinary service is based on an integrated holistic approach to the patient, which allows early detection and prevention of many diseases. For our patients in an emergency, we are available 24 hours 365 (366) days in the year including holidays. We keep computer records about each of our patient, which allows us to follow the health of each of our patients for years and to remind the owners of regular prevention and control measures to be performed.


The team of veterinary surgeries is assembled from specially trained and educated veterinarians, veterinary technicians and grumers who are trained to work with dogs, cats and exotic animals. The clinic has two doctors of veterinary medicine and two administrative-technical workers. At clinics also volunteer two students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade. Two part-part associates work in beautifying pets in our Grooming Salon.


Our veterinary service is based on an integrated holistic approach to the patient, which allows early detection and prevention of many diseases. We have a laboratory, ultrasound, X-ray, ECG apparatus, surgical room with an inhalation anesthesia. We vaccine, protection against flea and ticks, surgical interventions of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, tumor surgery, dental procedures in dogs and cats, and we have programs for the care of oncological and endocrinological patients.

In addition to this, within the ambulance there is a pet store and a salon for haircut, bathing and beautifying dogs and cats. From 2013. We are able to provide hospital treatment and pet hotel in our newly built facility.


We are issuing certificates for traveling your pets abroad, and provide mediation with leading freight shipping companies (agencies) that specialize in international shipping of dogs, cats and other pets.


Due to your and our better organization, please announce the meeting in advance. Emergency cases and severely ill patients will be admitted without waiting. For this reason, we pray for understanding and cooperation if we are not able to receive your pet at scheduled time. On this occasion, we want to assure you that if your pet needs urgent medical help, it will also get it without waiting. Due to the possibility to find a larger number of animals at the same time at our waiting room and to prevent accidents that can occur as a result of running on the street, please bring your dogs on the leash, and cats in transport box or bags that are for it and intended. This reduces the possibility of spreading diseases both from your pet on others and from others. Also ask your children to seek permission to pet other clients pets, because not all animals are peaceful and friendly according to unknown people.


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